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Why Use Check&Cheque Writer Software
Cost Effective - What a small investment for a big change.

Productivity - It reduces spelling errors and writing mistake.

Reputation - It gives a better impression of your company.


Latest Info
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will no longer have to wait several days for cheques to clear after a new electronic clearance system is introduced in August – every cheque, whether local or outstation, will clear in just about half a day. Read more.
Bankers Notice

Accountholder may be liable for unauthoriesd cheque transaction. Hence, it is the accountholder's responsibility to place extra care and ensure the following relus are adhered to. Read more.

When You Write A Cheque        1. Ensure Adequate funds are available in your account for the amount drawn.

2. Do not use felt tip pens, erasable ink pens, pencils to write cheque.

3. Do not make any alteration whatsoever on your cheque.

4. Do not fold, crumple, mutilate, staple or pin your cheques. Ensure that spoiled cheques are destroyed.

5. DO NOT use company stamp/ chop/ personal seal on the cheques. Read more.


Frequent Ask Question
  • What type of printer I can use to print cheque?
  • Any Cheque size limitation?
  • Is this software too complicated for issuing cheque?
  • Read more.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA

  • Intel Pentium III Processor   

  • 64MB of RAM    

  • 20MB of Available Hard-Disk  Space    

  • Laser/Inkjet/dot Matrix Printer    

  • CD-ROM Drive    


Platforms Supported



Cheque Printer

Electronic Cheque Printer

Recommended Cheque Printer




Check & cheque writer Software

About Us

Founded in 2006, MOne Tech Solutions is a privately owned, self-funded Cheque Writer Solutions Company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MOne Tech Solutions start with a technically oriented organization with expertise in cheque writer solutions. With the Brand Name of PRO & EASY Cheque writer Software, MOne Tech Solutions provide dependable, Reliable, Easy and Professional solution to customers.

 MOne Tech Solutions has grown tremendously over the last Eleven(11) years, both in its customer base as well as in its knowledge and skills on current trends and emerging technologies. MOne Tech Solutions prides itself on its dynamic environment – never content with the status quo, MOne Tech Solutions constantly strives to challenge conventional knowledge in technology to bring the best solutions.

With the focus on the latest state-of-the-art ICT technologies, MOne Tech Solutions has become provider of user-friendly, affordable business solutions designed with a great degree of flexibility. Meanwhile, We provide training to our clients to empower them to utilize these technologies to their fullest and open new opportunities to improve their organization in new areas. We provide expertise in installation, and configuration of all the technologies that we support.

MOne Tech Solutions is committed to deliver the highest level of service quality and value for money for its range of products and services.

Our Mission

To deliver Professional and Easy Solutions deemed necessary NOT luxury for businesses without compromising the quality and price.


To see how Check & Cheque Writer Software can save you time and money with increased efficiency. Read More...

 For More info Please Contact RICKY LIM at 012-278 3958            Email: enquiry@check-chequewriter.com or ricky@chequewriter.com.my