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Why Use Check&Cheque Writer Software
Cost Effective - What a small investment for a big change.

Productivity - It reduces spelling errors and writing mistake.

Reputation - It gives a better impression of your company.


Latest Info
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will no longer have to wait several days for cheques to clear after a new electronic clearance system is introduced in August – every cheque, whether local or outstation, will clear in just about half a day. Read more.
Bankers Notice

Accountholder may be liable for unauthoriesd cheque transaction. Hence, it is the accountholder's responsibility to place extra care and ensure the following relus are adhered to. Read more.

When You Write A Cheque        1. Ensure Adequate funds are available in your account for the amount drawn.

2. Do not use felt tip pens, erasable ink pens, pencils to write cheque.

3. Do not make any alteration whatsoever on your cheque.

4. Do not fold, crumple, mutilate, staple or pin your cheques. Ensure that spoiled cheques are destroyed.

5. DO NOT use company stamp/ chop/ personal seal on the cheques. Read more.


Frequent Ask Question
  • What type of printer I can use to print cheque?
  • Any Cheque size limitation?
  • Is this software too complicated for issuing cheque?
  • Read more.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/XP/VISTA

  • Intel Pentium III Processor   

  • 64MB of RAM    

  • 20MB of Available Hard-Disk  Space    

  • Laser/Inkjet/dot Matrix Printer    

  • CD-ROM Drive    


Platforms Supported



Cheque Printer

Electronic Cheque Printer

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Bankers Notice: In your own interest
1. Keep your cheque book in a safe place under lock and key. Never Leave cheque, whether signed or unsigned, unattended. If your cheque book or a cheque is lost or stolen, report to the bank and the Police immediately.

2. Always check against the possibility of individual cheques being removed from you cheque book. Report to the Police immediately of any missing cheque(s).

3. Conduct regular review of unused cheque stock and regular reconciliation of cheque paid with your bank statement. Report to the Bank immediately, if there are discrepancies found in your bank statement.

4. Never allow others to use your cheques.

5. Never draw cheque on blank paper or on any form other than that issued by the Bank.

6. Never give blank cheque to anyone and pre-sign blank cheques

7. Never give cheque to unknown persons in exchange for cash.

8. When sending cheque by mail, ensure that the window envelope does not reveal the cheques and that the envelope is of sufficient quality so that the contents would not be revealed by holding the envelope up to the light.

9. For corporate customers, inform the Bank immediately of any change in the signing mandate, particularly when the authorized signatory(ies) has (have) left your company.

10. Use the Requisition Form provided inside the cheque book to request for a new cheque book. It should be completed and signed in full by the authorized signatory(ies) and presented to the Bank.


 For More info Please Contact RICKY LIM at 012-278 3958            Email: enquiry@check-chequewriter.com or ricky@chequewriter.com.my